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Cloudclan, come from Chickensmoothie.

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Re: Cloudclan, come from Chickensmoothie.

Post by Storm on Sat Apr 11, 2015 3:02 am

Arcticstorm smiled as she padded around the camp, her tail twirling.

Moonkit stared at the empty nursery. "Mommy?" She mewed.

Hawkblaze stared at his clanmates, but didn't say a thing.

Nightwing stared at her clanmates, her tail twirling as she came up with a list of cat to the morning patrol.

Cloudstar yawned as he was caught off-guard by his own dreams, and he let out a mrrow of laughter.

Lionfrost laid there, doing nothing.

(Sorry, currently having Writers' Block)

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